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Blooming with new aromas

The Spring Candle Collection is designed to create fresh new moments in your home with a meaningful and nostalgic touch. This collection features artisanal pieces from various parts of Mexico ranging from Puebla, Estado de Mexico and Jalisco. Celebrate la cultura Mexicana and cherish memorable moments with our diverse selection of aromas and distinctive ceramics.

Ancestral - Michoacán $35.00
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Uruapan $30.00
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Quiroga $30.00
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Huancito $30.00
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Michoacán 🤎 $45.00
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El té de Abue $25.00
Monarca 🦋 $45.00
Morelia $45.00
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Luz y Tierra

Luz y Tierra: Celebrating Mexican Culture Through Artisanal Candles

Luz y Tierra is a Mexican-American brand that specializes in crafting original artisanal candles. We pride ourselves on utilizing 100% soy wax and featuring handmade candle vessels sourced from Mexico. We collaborate with skilled artisans from different regions of Mexico, fostering meaningful relationships and emphasizing traditional techniques and processes. Our goal is to highlight the beauty of Mexico while maintaining ethical practices. Our team in Mesquite, Texas pours and decorates each candle by hand, resulting in exceptional and exclusive products that celebrate Mexican culture. From start to finish, our candles showcase the artistry and beauty of traditional candle-making. Join us in experiencing lo bonito de Luz y Tierra.

Un Pedacito de México
The Original Mexicanita Candle Shop
Un Pedacito de México
The Original Mexicanita Candle Shop
Un Pedacito de México
The Original Mexicanita Candle Shop

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100% Soy Wax

We place immense pride in utilizing 100% soy wax, without any blends. Our fragrances are guaranteed to be phthalate-free.


All of our candles are hand-poured in small batches. We partner with artisans across Mexico, and are committed to fair-trade practices and highlighting the artisanal process.


Our candle vessels are reusable and make the perfect addition to any humble abode. We encourage you to upcycle the vessels as planters, jewelry boxes, or home decor.